Why hot people are good at ICT

I just got my hair cut! (I was going to entitle this post “Pat Sharp is no more!” but I realised that some people might get the wrong idea :S)

I took various pictures of my new haircut, but there is a serious problem – I hate pictures of myself, especially pictures on the internet. But…if a picture could lead to an interesting lesson idea – great! I thought I’d try Photoshopping my favourite one to see what I could do. Except…I don’t own Photoshop, so I used Paint Shop Pro 7 instead. (Yes, I know.)

So what did I do? Well, this:

  • Cropped the shower out of the picture *facepalm*
  • Blurred the background and changed the hue slightly
  • Used a salt and pepper filter to make the skin tone more even (I tried ’em all and this one seemed to work!)
  • Clone brushed out the stray hairs and actually removed some of my head on the top left
  • Clone brushed out all of the moles
  • Increased the brightness of the teeth and eyes
  • Increased the magenta component of the lips
  • Changed the colour levels of the skin areas to make them less red (although it does look a bit TOWIE now if I’m honest)
  • Re-drew the eyebrows with the smudge tool and softened them out
  • Used the clone brush to make my face look thinner

Obviously I’m sure a proper image editing expert would rip my effort to shreds, but don’t you think this would be a really cool lesson?! You could even do a little intro showing them some of the pictures from this really good site: http://www.fourandsix.com/photo-tampering-history/ and discussing the ethics of why people used these techniques, before trying it out yourself. I expect you could even get similar results on a program such as Paint.net if you don’t have Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop available at your school. You could even start the lesson with “Why are hot people good at ICT?” on the board to get a fierce debate going, before revealing the punch line…because all of their photos are doctored! (I hope people actually read that bit so they don’t think the title is implying I find myself attractive. Awkward.)

If you want a simple KS3 worksheet on doctoring images, this is one I’ve used many times with a lot of success.

Here is the original photo taken on my iphone camera, and the same photo after I’ve had a go at it on PSP 😉

Ugh, hideous!
Wow, hot!


2 thoughts on “Why hot people are good at ICT

    • codeboom says:

      Yeah, like I said in the post, if you actually know what you’re doing my efforts are probably terrible. I should really get around to figuring out how to use Photoshop but I’m not terribly designy, more techy to be honest.

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