PHP and MySQL for A2 Computing projects

In the past, many of my students have made successful project using a combination of PHP and MySQL. This year, all three of my students are using it in some capacity and one has combined it with jQuery. I have been meaning to write a full workbook for a long time and I have finally got around to it:

pdf_icon_small  PHP and MySQL for A2 Computing projects booklet (1.68MB)

This booklet is written to give to students directly, but it would also be suitable for teachers wishing to improve their skills or learn a new language.

Just in case you are not familiar with HTML and CSS (which is a pre-requisite for this booklet) you may want to look at my HTML, CSS and jQuery booklet first:

pdf_icon_small HTML, CSS and jQuery workbook

Let me know your feedback or tweet me @codeboom


2 thoughts on “PHP and MySQL for A2 Computing projects

  1. Mark Thomas says:

    Thank you (*n) for the resources – really most useful / a god-send for me new teaching to A2 / web-apps.

    The only thing I had a problem with was guide page 12, Basic PHP – I think you could put some semi-colons into the selection section etc. as they are crucial.

    While I am about it, as we cannot use memory sticks and cannot install xampp in school, have you any idea if this would work on aws virtual machines?

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