Are you doing your job properly?

Whilst I have been away collecting in all of my coursework and writing endless reams of reports, I have still been keeping a keen eye on what my Twitter colleagues are up to. It never ceases to amaze me how other teachers can manage to go on so many courses and conferences, write articles, orContinue reading “Are you doing your job properly?”

Can you force someone to program?

I have to admit, I’ve been finding it hard to conjure up the enthusiasm to write about anything of late. When I thought about why this was, one of the reasons that has dampened my enthusiasm has been the yearly grind of the A-Level coursework. Although teaching is a very rewarding job at times, atContinue reading “Can you force someone to program?”

PHP shoutbox task

Bizarrely enough, I recently started teaching topic #1 on the OCR AS ICT F452 module. The specification clearly isn’t design to be taught from beginning to end, and in fact I’ve found I jumped all over the place trying to teach it. We started off by looking at interface design principles using HTML and CSS,Continue reading “PHP shoutbox task”

Thinking task #3: Guess my number

Well, we’ve only been back at school for a very short time and it feels like I have never been away. The pile of marking is mounting, the websites I should really have implemented during the holidays are now politely tapping on my shoulder and demanding to be finished, the Mac Mini I was goingContinue reading “Thinking task #3: Guess my number”

Thinking Task #2: Mastermind – you need to be!

I thought I’d go with my own recommendation from my first post, and write a piece of code for my A2 students who are currently revising for their programming AS module in January to analyse. A Lower 6th student had suggested that a task could be to implement the “Mastermind” game which I had playedContinue reading “Thinking Task #2: Mastermind – you need to be!”

Sell Computing A-Level in 3 minutes

One year, I rocked up at school on the 1st September and a huge (but not too huge) set of amazing A-Level pupils walked in the door eager to learn about recursion, black box testing and the intricacies of 8 bit binary. Then I woke up and realised that was all a dream and IContinue reading “Sell Computing A-Level in 3 minutes”