PHP Love Calculator task

I’ve been meaning to write this one up for ages! This is an idea that grew to encompass more and more things that I realised fit in to it from the OCR Computing AS F452 syllabus. The premise I expect you’ve seen the TV adverts promising that if you text your name and your crush’sContinue reading “PHP Love Calculator task”

Thinking task #3: Guess my number

Well, we’ve only been back at school for a very short time and it feels like I have never been away. The pile of marking is mounting, the websites I should really have implemented during the holidays are now politely tapping on my shoulder and demanding to be finished, the Mac Mini I was goingContinue reading “Thinking task #3: Guess my number”

Thinking Task #2: Mastermind – you need to be!

I thought I’d go with my own recommendation from my first post, and write a piece of code for my A2 students who are currently revising for their programming AS module in January to analyse. A Lower 6th student had suggested that a task could be to implement the “Mastermind” game which I had playedContinue reading “Thinking Task #2: Mastermind – you need to be!”