Women and wearables

Last week I found out I was included on a list entitled “Top 100 Women in Wearable and Consumer Tech“, collated by Women of Wearables (@Women_Wearables on Twitter). I first met Marija from WoW at the BETT show last year and she contacted me to have a chat and do an interview shortly after. IContinue reading “Women and wearables”

Ladies or lads – what’s the difference?

I was once invited to the pub by a department colleague, and when I arrived only the two of us plus another male colleague had arrived, although others were no doubt on their way. The other guy (sad to be stereotypical but he was a PE teacher) then proceeded to have a conversation with myContinue reading “Ladies or lads – what’s the difference?”

Keeping women out of Computer Science

Whilst browsing idly through my Twitter feed the other day, I came across the following re-tweet: I almost mindlessly re-tweeted it myself, but then I stopped to think. By singling out “being female” as the reason for some unspecified poor treatment, it would imply that the people dishing out this treatment are men. This isContinue reading “Keeping women out of Computer Science”