#include – How it all began

So I’ve been rather quiet on the blog front of late. This is because I’ve been working hard, not only at school but also on #include! We had our launch party last night at BCS London which went very successfully (a photo of the committee and some of the attendees is below) and I thoughtContinue reading “#include – How it all began”

HEY! Self promotion online

I have to say it, I’m a flawed human being. As various people know, particularly Neil Brown, Alan O’Donohoe and Reena Pau who have been on the end of some of my grumbling, a lot of my motivation for new projects comes from the potential to have a positive impact on others. Since I startedContinue reading “HEY! Self promotion online”

YRS, EPQ and the Return of the King (of Code)

For those of you who are not in the know (where have you been?), last week was the festival of awesomeness known as Young Rewired State, where in centres across the country children under 18 gather to make apps, with the aid of mentors from companies, universities and a few rogue nosey teachers like me. TheContinue reading “YRS, EPQ and the Return of the King (of Code)”