Exciting news!

I’m excited to announce that as of September I will be starting an education consultancy business and will be available to hire for training, speaking, advice and other awesome Comp. Sci. related activities.

When it comes to big changes, I don’t do them by halves. Since June this year I have got married, moved house, quit my job and decided to start my own business! Gulp. I decided to make this change because I really enjoyed the variety of the different things I did alongside my day job for the last few years. Having run training courses as a CAS Master Teacher I was delighted that people genuinely seemed enthused and happy with the delivery and the content of what I had taught them. As a teacher there’s nothing worse than going to a badly delivered training course, and with time being a very precious commodity my focus is always on getting the most use out of the short time available, matching the requirements of the people who are there.

I am also extremely pleased to announce that I will also be speaking at Pycon UK 2016, as a follow up to my blog post about the accessibility of educational software for teachers and schools. I have loved giving the various talks I have been invited to share in the past and public speaking is an area where I would certainly like to do more. Hopefully I will also be able to meet some interesting people – the Python in education mailing list has certainly impressed me with the willingness to listen and share from many talented developers.

I would really like to work on a variety of projects, so if you’re interested in working with me then please drop me a line. I haven’t yet launched my business website or contact methods so for the time being you can still reach me either on Twitter @codeboom or via email at codergoesforth@gmail.com – but you’ll be able to see my proper portfolio very soon! 🙂 I also realise that many people who comment on this blog are highly experienced and may have good advice to offer (and indeed some have already helped), so I would welcome your support.

Looking forward to developing this business over the coming year – it’s very weird to think I won’t be going back to school in September!

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